Condo Insurance

Does your condo association have you covered?   Most likely not.

Determining the right insurance coverage for your condo is not always easy.  The first step is to discover what is covered by your condo association’s insurance. Most associations have a master policy, but coverage under these policies varies widely and that insurance policy generally never protects a condo owner from property loss and personal liability.  Many condominium associations only insure the building’s structure and common areas, typically leaving the responsibility for each unit’s interior construction to the condo owner.

If something happens to your condo, it may be up to you to replace things like drywall, flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, and more.  That’s where condo insurance comes in.  It is made specifically to protect condo owners from these risks.

Our knowledgeable insurance professionals at Preferred Insurance will work with you to customize your condo insurance policy to fit your individual needs.

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