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It’s no secret that your technology company depends on the capabilities of your computer systems to function. You should be aware that simple actions your employees take could be putting your company’s equipment and networks at risk of cyber crime, including cyber attacks, cyber theft, and other computer security incidents. The average cost of a single cyber attack is incalculable—cyber attacks can directly target finances and ruin a business’ reputation.

The Risks of Web Searches

As an employer, you should educate your employees about searching for certain topics on the internet due to the risk of coming across websites encrypted with viruses or malware that could be detrimental to your computer systems. Stress that the potential for cybercrime could affect employees individually as well as the business as a whole. More than 90 percent of companies surveyed by the DOJ incurred either monetary loss, system downtime loss or both because of cybercrime, so take it upon yourself to put search engine guidelines in place.

“Simple actions your employees take could put your company’s equipment and networks at risk of cyber crime, including cyber attack, cyber theft and other computer security incidents.”

The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms

Common term searches conducted online one can expose your business to the risk of cyber crime. Encourage employees to avoid following suspicious results in search engines. Any result that promises free products or materials is suspect. The least risky search terms are usually health-related topics and searches about economic news. It is essential to remember that the number of dangerous search terms is ever changing. Hackers want to impact the highest amount of people with the least amount of effort, so they aim for popular search terms most. Ill-intentioned hackers also adapt quickly to the fast-paced nature of the Internet and the public circle, so oftentimes social or celebrity events popular at a given moment climb quickly to the top of the internet’s most dangerous search terms and are a high risk for infecting your company’s computers. According to the DOJ, industries considered a part of critical infrastructure businesses accounts for a disproportionate amount of computer security incidents. If your company is in any of these industries, be especially careful about internet searches to ensure computer safety and protect against a potentially devastating loss, both monetary and in down time:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical and drug manufacturing
  • Computer system design
  • Finance

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Business operations in the technology industry revolve around the functionality of computers, network connections and the Internet. It’s no secret that computer use comes with many risks, including damaging viruses, hackers, the illegal use of your system to attack others, the use of sensitive data to steal identities and other illegal actions. As a result, companies must respond by preventing, detecting and responding to cyber attacks through a well-orchestrated cyber security program.

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Hiring young employees can bring fresh talent and innovation, giving your company an edge over your competitors. But that edge can quickly be erased, as young workers also bring additional technology risks. According to a Cisco Connected World Technology Report, 70 percent of young employees frequently ignore their company’s information technology (IT) policies.

Though social media platforms encourage users to share personal information, young workers should be actively encouraged to safeguard company data. Download the attached PDF to learn more.


Portable data drives have become a popular way to save, store and share data because they are small and very convenient. They are available at most retailers and smaller ones, like USB thumb drives, are often given away as promotional items by many companies. Download the attached PDF to learn more.

Whether your business is a Fortune 500 company or a one-man show, data security needs to be a top priority. Small and medium-sized businesses are becoming more frequent victims of data breaches, whether through their own negligence or the efforts of a malicious attack. Download the attachment to learn how protect yourself and your clients’ personal information.

Technology companies are experiencing rapid growth and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Overseas expansion is common and brings increased risks and exposures. Careful risk management analysis and planning is the key to protecting your business and ensuring all of your operations, overseas and at home, are successful.

Safeguard Your Supply Chain

Suppliers and subcontractors bring with them a set of variables, any of which could mean the difference between a successful or failed end product. Raw material inventories, weather events, quality control and shipping regulations are all factors affecting your business that are mostly uncontrollable.

Perform a risk analysis for each company using as much information as you can get, including their upstream suppliers, any quality and safety records, information about the political climate in their country and anything else that could give you insight into potential risks of doing business with them.

Consider your options when it comes to suppliers. Having more than one supplier can provide stability to your supply chain if an unforeseen event happened, preventing a delay in production.

Look Out for Your Employees

Managing and protecting employees in different locations is difficult, even when they’re not separated by an ocean. With overseas operations you need to address safety and human resources issues for your employees moving overseas from the United States, your employees based in the United States that may have to travel overseas and employees that are native to your overseas location.

Radical political turmoil has occurred across the globe in recent years, highlighting the need for increased protection and risk management for foreign and traveling employees. Accounting for these unpredictable, dangerous situations will keep your company a step ahead.

Protect Your Data

Data storage and security is a substantial issue for technology companies of all sizes. In the event that your business runs a data center in a country where the energy infrastructure is at all undeveloped, power supply back-ups and procedures for continuing operations are a must.

Navigate Legal Hazards

Every country and region has different legal and regulatory environments for safety, quality, shipping and even insurance. Understanding each region’s specific laws is important to success anywhere in the world. One issue of note for technology companies is regulatory requirements for storage and transmission of sensitive personal data. Make sure your operations are in compliance with regulations in all locations, preventing costly missteps.

To fully understand the risks associated with overseas operations, consult with Preferred Insurance Services, Inc., as well as legal and financial professionals.

Careful risk management analysis and planning is the key to protecting your business and ensuring all of your operations, overseas and at home, are successful.

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No company, big or small, is immune to a data breach. Many small employers falsely believe they can elude the attention of a hacker, yet studies have shown the opposite is true. According to Verizon Communication’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, 31 percent of the 621 data breaches analyzed were at companies with 100 or fewer employees.

Data breach response policies are essential for organizations of any size. A response policy should outline how your company will respond in the event of a data breach, and lay out an action plan that will be used to investigate potential breaches should a breach occur.


We Can Help You Recover from a Data Breach 

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The complexity of information systems in today’s business world – even for relatively small businesses – is mind boggling. The risks to the data handled by these systems are equally complex. However, common causes of loss are being identified.  Download this article to learn more about the information risks, as well as strategies for managing them.   Download ABCs of information risk