A tragic accident highlights why liquor liability is such a high-priority concern for alcohol-selling establishments. According to a report by WYFF News 4, in South Carolina, a drunk-driving crash killed three people. The mother whose 17-year-old daughter died in the collision is suing…

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Alcohol server training is a form of industry-specific education designed for servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol to prevent intoxication, drunken driving and underage drinking. The amount of server training you must have in order to legally serve alcohol varies according to the state and locality. Courses are taught by a variety of educational providers, from individuals to the state. The cost, quality and content of training can vary from program to program.

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Ensuring that your restaurant is clean and serves fresh, safe food to patrons is your greatest responsibility; health inspections are a way for you to learn how to best uphold this responsibility. To observe you when you are running operations as you normally would, inspectors often make impromptu inspections. Many inspections are performed during the frenzy of mealtimes so inspectors can have an accurate view of how food is regularly prepared at your facility. Download the attached PDF to learn several ways you can effectively prepare your restaurant to make the best of these inspections.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 10,000 vehicle-related fatalities involve a drunk driver each year. Not only are these people liable for their actions, the establishments where they were drinking are also susceptible to punishment for over-serving clientele who then injure a third party. Download the attached PDF to learn more.

erie custom collection restaurant program

Why ERIE for Restaurants?

Right Coverage, Right Price

The ERIE Custom Collection Restaurant Program offers the property and liability protection your restaurant needs through your Ultrapack Plus policy. Just a few examples include coverage for:

• Food inventory lost from a power or mechanical failure of your refrigeration system.
• Lost business income, medical expenses, advertising expenses and more in the aftermath of a food contamination incident.
• The cost to repair or replace equipment that suffered a mechanical or electrical failure.
You can also purchase endorsements for:
• Liability protection for legal costs and potential liability payments related to liquor liability lawsuits (up to the liquor liability limits).
• Employee allegations claiming wrongful termination, sexual harassment or other forms of discrimination.

You can also purchase separate policies for Workers’ compensation and Commercial automobile coverage.

Claims Service You Can Count On

You can count on ERIE—as well as Preferred Insurance—to help your restaurant business recover quickly and efficiently from a covered loss.

Risk Control Services

As part of your ERIE restaurant policy, you’ll have access to a local risk control consultant who can evaluate potential hazards and recommend measures to help you reduce risk in your workplace for both employees and customers.

The ERIE Difference 

• Financial Strength from a company rated A+ by A.M. Best, a global credit rating agency with a unique focus on the insurance industry.
• Specially Trained and Dedicated Support Team of claims, underwriting and risk control consultants who understand your business and the risks you face.

With the right coverage for your restaurant, you can better focus on growing the business you love.

Contact Preferred Insurance (703-359-5910) today to learn more and get a free quote.

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During the past Winter, temperatures along the Eastern seaboard fell below zero with wind chills approaching -30F in parts of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Cold weather brings the danger of impaired fire protection because of water freezing in sprinkler piping, underground mains, gravity suctions tanks or fire pumps. During a severe cold spell, these pipes can freeze, burst and produce devastating losses. Water damage from this type of incident, known as a freeze-up can affect products in storage, paperwork, records, furniture, machinery, computers and all types of electronic equipment. Such freezing not only leaves a risk vulnerable to fire and damage to the building contents, but may also necessitate expensive repairs to the system.

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CNA Risk Control has developed the following materials to help plan for and implement preventative measures to better protect your business from the threat of freeze-ups.

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Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Valve Heated Enclosure 

Preventing Sprinkler System Freeze Ups

Winter Freeze Precautions