Bringing quality and value to our customers and community through this unique partnership.

Innovation Health is the product of a unique partnership between Aetna and Inova designed to deliver a health plan that facilitates an integrated, enhanced patient experience at a lower cost. When the right people and technology are working together, patient premiums and service costs are reduced. By fundamentally changing how health care is delivered, Innovation Health creates innovative, long-term health care solutions. This new carrier has proven to be the top price and plan design competitor in the Northern VA area and is currently expanding allowing groups in this region to access the best benefits at the best prices! However, only certain select brokers have been granted Exclusive Broker status to sell, implement and administer Innovation Health plans.

Is your broker or benefits administrator an exclusive Innovation Health broker? If not, don’t miss the opportunity to access the latest in technology innovation, carrier-service provider partnership and cost controls.

As one of the few Exclusive Brokers in the area, contact us at Preferred Insurance Benefits for more details and guidance on obtaining an Innovation Health quote.

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