As a property manager, you handle a large volume of personal information. Not only do you have to keep existing tenants’ information on hand, but you also have information collected from prospective tenants during the rental process. Sensitive personal information, like social security and driver’s license numbers, are essential for, among other things, a thorough background check on possible renters. However, because of the abundance of personal information they are responsible for, more and more property managers are becoming targets of identity theft.

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During the past Winter, temperatures along the Eastern seaboard fell below zero with wind chills approaching -30F in parts of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Cold weather brings the danger of impaired fire protection because of water freezing in sprinkler piping, underground mains, gravity suctions tanks or fire pumps. During a severe cold spell, these pipes can freeze, burst and produce devastating losses. Water damage from this type of incident, known as a freeze-up can affect products in storage, paperwork, records, furniture, machinery, computers and all types of electronic equipment. Such freezing not only leaves a risk vulnerable to fire and damage to the building contents, but may also necessitate expensive repairs to the system.

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CNA Risk Control has developed the following materials to help plan for and implement preventative measures to better protect your business from the threat of freeze-ups.

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Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Valve Heated Enclosure 

Preventing Sprinkler System Freeze Ups

Winter Freeze Precautions